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tor browser | Anonymous web browsing

Tor Browser | Anonymous web browsing

The only web browser that can safely browse the Internet.

In the mid-1990s, the United States Navy began to lay the groundwork for a Red Onion Routing, a privacy protection system to protect

its intelligence. It was upgraded in 1997 by the United States Special Defense Research Project Agency (DARPA). Later, several computer programmers who developed software called Tor (The Onion Router) released the alpha version and called it the Tor project. The logo is also an onion, which means that the layers of the onion cover the outside of the center and enhance the security. The Tor project is now a non-profit organization.

How the TOR Network Works

Usually, when you log on to the Internet, you will be identified by an IP address, and your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and other organizations and web sites will be able to track the sites visited, their time, and data sent. The site will also be able to identify you when using an SSL encrypted connection with the site and may not be able to track certain information, such as the time you sent the data to the third party. Even using a VPN, that service provider may or may not see where you are going. So where’s our privacy?

The TOR functionality is that when you access the Internet through that software, it decodes your Internet login request and sends it randomly through different servers on the Tor network. For example, if you come to Aluth.com, you are brought to the Aluth.com server after you have reflected on three random servers like A, C, H. Because of this, your identity is always hidden because you can’t find out where you came from on that target website. Secure websites on this network use the ICANN domain name and the .onion domain name, which is classified under the Special Needs Code and cannot be accessed by a regular browser.

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