July 16, 2024

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KerioControl 9.3.5

KerioControl 9.3.5 Build4367 With License

Fixes :

The custom logo does not appear on login or deny pages
Wrong Country code for Serbia:
Active Connections – Destination Country missing table information
Active Connections – Source Country missing table information
Content filter rules not blocking Teamviewer
Page refresh / close display an error dialog on Google Chrome
Unable to complete PPPoE discovery (NBN connection)
VPN Driver does not install on Windows 10 Update 2004
Kerio Control Slave unit fails to dial PPPoE
Localization string “Alert-HA” not found in any language
Statistics report errors in HA-Slave control
Unable to differentiate email report if from Master or Slave
Fixes for NG110, NG310, NG510 / 511 compatibility issues

Note:  Kerio Control software has an auto-update feature that is also enabled by default. If you do not want your new cracked system to be updated to a new cracked version by Kerio, you must go to the Advanced Options tab in the Configuration section and check the Download and upgrade to new versions automatically in the Software Update tab. Remove the time range.

Password – rdwithit

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